Tuesday, August 17

Tuesday: The Burning Question

It's a fill in the blank...burning question kind of day.
Sometimes the first thing that comes to mind has a lot of truth behind it.
I wish ____________________________________.
If I could I would _________________________ all day.
I love when _____________________________ .

Without over thinking it, here are my answers.
(I thought of "better" answers later on, but I wanted to go with my first thoughts. It's part of the fun.)

I wish for great health and happiness.

If I could I would ride horses all day.

I love when my husband walks out of his office (at home) in the middle of the
afternoon and pulls me close....to dance. (It happened today.)

Photo from our stay in the mobe...last Fall in Idaho while Mr. was doing research.

I'm looking forward to reading your answers....
Have a lovely day!


Queenie Jeannie said...

I wish my household goods were get here already!!!

If I could I would read in bed all day.

I love when Bella seeks me out, just to say "I love you Mom!"

Unknown said...

I wish I had no financial worries.
If I could, I would travel a lot more.
I love when my grandkis hug me and say, "I love you, Memere."

Mitzi said...

I wish I was more energetic and fun.
I wish I lived in my forever house.(on the water)
I love it when my children and grandchildren are all together with me.

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

I wish I could visit my family in Ohio!

If I could I would read all day!

I love when I read your blog and am reminded of the sweetness in life! ( I love the photo of you and your husband!)

sheila said...

I just love this, it's very beautiful.