Saturday, August 7

No Fool's Gold Here!

(Photo from my middle sister's family room window.)

Believe it or not I didn't take a lot of photos while in Michigan. It's usually me (perhaps a control thing) that has the camera up to my eye at any and all gatherings. For some reason I set down the camera and lived in the moment. It's not stored on film, but in my mind. Sometimes photos last long there and I can imagine myself thin. (Smile)

(Photo from "Girls weekend"...the cottage of my oldest sister.)

It's a great thing to bring friends together. I'm amazed by the love and compassion that surrounds us. Although, we all have busy lives and many responsibilities there's a comfort in knowing they are only a phone call away. Girls weekend made me realize that my problems are not unique and I'm not alone. When any of us want to be a little bit crazy (which we didn't do this time, but have in the past) we are there to protect each other or join in.

Real friends are a treasure. When you open the chest there are pieces of rock, slime and sometimes bits of fool's gold. You're tricked at first, but soon realize it's not the real thing. After healing from the scratches, cuts or embarrassment you learn to dig deeper. The surface is easy to see, but the real thing is still waiting to be discovered. Then with patience you find your way to the bottom to find shining gems. Their beauty is undeniable. With all the different shapes and sizes.... each and every one amazing in their one unique way.... it's a treasure.... A real chest of friends.

Do you have a special gem of a friend?
When is the last time you talked to him/her?


Unknown said...

I have some really special friends; some have been my friends for 50 years. I don't know if you read my posts, 47 years and counting, and Reflections on Friendship, but that's what they were about. Glad you are enjoying your girls weekend!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous pictures! I have a bunch of friends, and all of them are real, it is a beautiful thing (I mean real as in true and honest, not real as in not imaginary!). XO!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

My friend Kitty! We may not talk every week, but we will always be there for one another; no matter what!
As an only child, I always wanted sibs! Wish I had sissies like you.
You are blessed :)
Welcome home!
xo, misha

scrappysue said...

best friend since we were 11 - just got off the phone from her. best friend who moved in across the street 15 years ago. even tho she moved back to australia, we spoke on sunday

Anonymous said...

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