Wednesday, November 26


One fabulous-o day of mail.

Super, sassy, crafty Pay it Forward Gift...from Oh-so-cool Kate. Have you ever seen a more spectacular presentation? Buttons make everyone happy. Cute:D Cute:D Cute:D

My sister sent me fashion forward, girl power, luxury reading material. What a great surprise to see she cares enough to keep me well informed on the tres chic outside world of apparel. Perhaps she was worried I was getting to comfy in my Carhartts.

It was the hand written note that melted my dad sent me mail. Peanuts for protein, jerky for my man and coffee to keep us going. I know he reads this blog but never posts a note so, Thank you Dad for being the very best father a girl could ever ask for.


Amy Clary said...

I just love "fun mail" as I call it. :) Yay for good friends and family.

Dr. Mommy said...

wahoo for good mail! :) you got some seriously great packages. and i love that your dad worries enough about your protein intake to send you peanuts. so cute!!

Jill said...

Score on the good mail! It's all so thoughtful and mood boosting. It's particularly sweet that your dad sends you stuff, my dad would NEVER do that.

michelle said...

The good mail from your dad melted my heart a little bit as well. Such a cute note!

My dad sent me a very thoughtful gift for Christmas last year that he did all on his own and it was just the sweetest thing.