Friday, October 31

I love Halloween!

There is a secret spot in my heart for all the Halloween parties with my friends. A smile crosses my face and maybe a bit of laughter to follow. Year after year, I am amazed at my friends and really impressed with their husbands when it comes their costumes. My favorite costume was not worn by me and it comes from the most unlike person. A friends husband, Greg, surprised all of us one year. She was Wonder Woman and a fabulous one at that. (I wish I had pictures with me, one downside of traveling.) It was in the mid 90's when Howard Stern was in the news a lot. Greg happened to find Howard really funny (oh ick) but this is where his creativity comes in. Since his wife was Wonder Woman she wanted him to be Super Man. Getting a 6'5 man in red tights, any tights... next to impossible. Unless he makes a clay nose like Howard S. and gets a black (creepy) curly wig that is sort of like a mullet. Flying into the party, Super Man is now Super Stern. Honestly one of the funnies, most creative costume! Again this year the same group a friends will howl at the moon as who knows what.


Jill said...

I'm always impressed with the costumes Greg and Betsy come up with. I've never been to an adult Halloween party, so I've never gone all-out with a costume. That seems a shame.

Ann On and On... said...
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Ann On and On... said...

I had some emails out looking for pictures. Without it doesn't have the impact I was looking for. :( Unfortunately, I came up with empty hands.